Nintendo Switch Sports Announced, Launches April 29


Nintendo Switch Sports

Wii Sports took the industry by storm back in the die, solidifying Nintendo’s new direction and propelling them to incredible success. Though Nintendo tried (and failed) to capitalize on the brand with a new entry during the Wii U years, many have been of the opinion that it was a series that was unique to that era- though it seems Nintendo wants to give it another go.

One of the more surprising new game announcements at the recent Nintendo Direct presentation was Nintendo Switch Sports, a new game in the Wii Sports series. It will include six sports (soccer, chambara, bowling, tennis, badminton, and volleyball), along with local and online multiplayer. A seventh sport will be added to the game this fall with golf, so it seems like this might be something Nintendo looks to keep updating on a regular basis- at least if it turns out to be a success.

Nintendo Switch Sports will also come with a Leg Strap accessory- so you can put a Joy-Con controller in the leg strap and swing your leg while playing Soccer Shoot-Out.

Nintendo has also announced that it’ll be holding an online play test for the game for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers between February 18-February 20. You can get more details on the game and its online play test on the game’s official website.

Nintendo Switch Sports launches for, well, the Nintendo Switch on April 29.


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