Octavio Ocaña’s Mother Reiterates Her Son’s Spirit Demands Justice (video) –


El espíritu de Octavio Ocaña exige justicia

The actor’s mother said that the spirit of “Benito” constantly manifests to demand justice.

MEXICO CITY.- Ana Lucia Ocana, Mother of Octavio Ocana assured that the spirit of his son is present to demand that it be done Justice, Now, almost three months after the death of the actor, remembered for his role as “Benito” on the series Neighbors, his death remains unexplained.

The actor’s mother also commented be devastated and feels great pain at the death of his son, but tries to come to terms with the young actor’s death by listening to his voice message.

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Octavio Ocaña’s mother says her son’s spirit has revealed itself to her

According to TV Notas magazine, between tears, That assured Octavio Ocaña’s mother “Benito”. The spirit of youth has manifested itself in both family and friends. He also pointed out that at these “appearances,” the young man urges them to seek justice because he wants these people (who allegedly killed him) to pay for what they did to him.

He revealed himself to my daughter-in-law he opened a cupboard, threw the papers at him like he was angry, to my son-in-law opened the door for him. It scared them but like we say ‘Do not be afraid“Fear the living,” he is angry and he protests because he wants justiceHe wants these people to pay for what they did to him for killing him. he is not calm‘ explained Ocaña’s mother.

Ana Lucía pointed out that by killing her son they left her “dead to life” and that’s why she wants to tell them (the alleged perpetrators) to kill her too because she will never get over the pain.

“They left me dead in my life … I’d like to stand in front of them and tell them ‘Just as they killed my son, they also killed me‘Because they left me dead I will never get over this pain, like all mothers who lose their children, let’s hope they bury us, not we them,’ Ms Ocaña told media outlet Aqui.

They ask Ocaña’s mother to ‘stop listening to a dead man’

In an interview with Sale el Sol, the actor’s mother explained that she insisted on continuing to listen to the voice notes left by her son, but this provoked accusations from her husband Octavio Pérez, who asked her to “go listen.” to a dead man”.

My wife often scolds me because I still have his WhatsApp I don’t delete anything, he tells me: ‘Stop listening to a dead man‘, I say to him: ‘It is that for me there is no death, for me he lives,’” said the mother of the actor, who died after being hit by a bullet.

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