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Path of Exile 3.17 Archnemesis league is now live and you may find useful information about new league mechanics in our previous post – Path of Exile 3.17 Archnemesis League Mechanics Guide. As for this post, we have created two tables with nemesis modes that drop from enemies while you play and Archnemesis recipes that you need to unlock. All the information you can see below.

Archnemesis Mods that drop

Below you can see the table with all currently available archnemesis mods that drop while you play from rare and sometimes magic monsters.

Icon Name Description Reward Icon
Toxic Monster has augmented Poison powers Reward GenericReward Gems
Chaosweaver Chaosweaver Monster is imbued with Chaos Damage and Resistance Reward Gems
Frostweaver Frostweaver Monster is imbued with Cold Damage and Resistance Reward Armour
Permafrost Permafrost Monster has augmented Freeze and Chill powers Reward GenericReward Armour
Hasted Hasted Monster is faster Reward Generic
Deadeye Deadeye Monster is Accurate and applies Marks Reward ArmourReward Trinkets
Bombardier Bombardier Monster has augmented Projectile powers and periodically unleashes a barrage of mortars Reward WeaponReward Armour
Flameweaver Flameweaver Monster is imbued with Fire Damage and Resistance Reward Weapon
Incendiary Incendiary Monster has augmented Ignite powers Reward GenericReward Weapon
Arcane Buffer Arcane
Monster has augmented Energy Shield powers and releases a stunning nova when Energy Shield breaks Reward Essences
Echoist Echoist Monster repeats skills additional times Reward GenericReward Currency
Stormweaver Stormweaver Monster is imbued with Lightning Damage and Resistance Reward Trinkets
Dynamo Dynamo Monster has augmented Shock powers Reward GenericReward Trinkets
Bonebreaker Bonebreaker Monster has augmented Stun powers. Monster hits are slower and can’t be evaded Reward GenericReward Weapon
Bloodletter Bloodletter Monster has augmented Bleed powers. Monster Maims nearby enemies
Items dropped from the Monster and its Minions are Corrupted
Reward WeaponReward Trinkets
Steel-infused Steel-infused Monster is imbued with Physical Damage and Physical Damage Reduction Reward Weapon
Gargantuan Gargantuan Monster is massive, granting more Life, Area of Effect, and Damage Reward Currency
Berserker Berserker Monster Enrages as it loses life Reward Uniques
Sentinel Sentinel Monster is imbued with Block and Spell Block. Monster Triggers Reckoning when hit Reward ArmourReward Armour
Juggernaut Juggernaut Monster cannot be Slowed or Stunned. Monster gains Endurance Charges Reward Harbinger
Vampiric Vampiric Monster has augmented Life Leech powers Reward Fossils
Overcharged Overcharged Monster grants Charges to itself and Allies over time Reward TrinketsReward Trinkets
Soul Conduit Soul Conduit On death, Monster and nearby Allies are revived Reward Maps
Opulent Opulent Monster is fabulously wealthy
Malediction Malediction Monster has a weakening Aura Reward Divination
Consecrator Consecrator Monster periodically creates Consecrated Ground, healing allies and making them immune to curses and ailments Reward Fragments
Frenzied Frenzied Monster and allies periodically Enrage Reward GenericReward Uniques

As you can see from the table each archnemesis mod has a unique icon and name. As for the description, it is the mod itself, that’s the effect that will be applied to the monsters when you activate the Archnemesis Statue. And in the last column, there are icons of rewards that you get for completing the encounter with this mod.

Archnemesis Recipes – Craftable Mods

Below there is a full list of archnemesis recipes (craftable mods) that you need to unlock. The full process of unlocking archnemesis recipes is here. In a few words, you need to combine specific archnemesis mods that drop in order to unlock new mods. Which mods you need to combine is shown in the table below. How to combine them? Just apply one at the archnemesis statue and complete the encounter, after that apply the next mod at the other archnemesis statue in the same area. When you clear the encounter that had all the required mods the archnemesis recipe will drop from the monster. That craftable mod can be used in new combinations to unlock better archnemesis recipes. You can see all archnemesis recipes below.

Icon Name Description Recipe Rewards
Heralding Minions Heralding Minions Monster’s minions summon invulnerable Lightning Totems on death DynamoArcane Buffer
Dynamo, Arcane Buffer
Reward FragmentsReward Fragments
Empowering Minions Empowering Minions Monster’s minions are empowered. Minions empower the Monster with additional modifiers on death NecromancerExecutionerGargantuan
Necromancer, Executioner, Gargantuan
Reward BlightReward Ritual
Assassin Assassin Monster has augmented Critical powers and has Shroud Walker DeadeyeVampiric
Deadeye, Vampiric
Reward CurrencyReward Currency
Trickster Trickster Monster has damage avoidance. Monster periodically Flees OverchargedAssassinEchoist
Overcharged, Assassin, Echoist
Reward CurrencyReward UniquesReward Divination
Necromancer Necromancer Monster can raise Undead. Minions are empowered and revive shortly after dying
Rewards are rolled 2 additional times, choosing the rarest result
Bombardier, Overcharged
Reward Generic
Rejuvenating Rejuvenating Monster has Life Regeneration. Periodically releases a wave that heals nearby allies and prevents enemy Life and Energy Shield recovery
Rewards are rolled 1 additional time, choosing the rarest result
Gargantuan, Vampiric
Reward Currency
Executioner Executioner Monster gains Damage based on missing enemy Life. Monster has an aura that prevents enemies recovering Life and Energy Shield above 50% FrenziedBerserker
Frenzied, Berserker
Reward LegionReward Breach
Hexer Hexer Monster is Hexproof. Monster is followed by a Hexing Effigy that creates Hexing areas ChaosweaverEchoist
Chaosweaver, Echoist
Reward EssencesReward Essences
Drought Bringer Drought Bringer Monster disables Flask effects on hit. Monster has an aura that drains Flask charges and prevents gaining Flask charges MaledictionDeadeye
Malediction, Deadeye
Reward LabyrinthReward Labyrinth
Entangler Entangler Monster creates Thorned Vines that slow and deal Chaos Damage over time. Bloodletter
Toxic, Bloodletter
Reward FossilsReward Fossils


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