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It’s easy to overlook the mental state of your character while you are fighting for your life in Project Zomboid. It’s also easy to tell how your character could become depressed when they have to forage for food in the woods and barricade themselves into houses at night. However, having depression in Project Zomboid can be the death of your character. Having depression will make your character do everything slower, which makes it easier for you to be overwhelmed by zombies. Let’s go over how you can cure your character’s depression in Project Zomboid.

How to Cure Depression in Project Zomboid

The best way to cure depression in Project Zomboid is to stop it before it sets in. Since depression is the highest form of the unhappiness debuff, you will want to get rid of unhappiness as soon as you see it. If you do let the unhappiness advance to depression it does not mean you are stuck with it forever. All you really need to cure depression is to do things that help unhappiness.

One of the simplest ways to help get rid of depression is a good meal. You need to eat to survive anyway so why not go the extra mile and make the meal a bit better. Eating good-tasting foods like chocolate and sweets can help with dperession. Even simply adding extra ingredients and spices to bland food goes a long way to help depression.


Keeping your character entertained will also help with unhappiness and depression. Doing stuff like listening to music or watching tv will bring a bit of joy to your character’s life and can help alleviate sadness. Reading skill books will also help with depression and increase your skill levels as well. There is no reason to not spend some time reading as you pass time in the game.

If you can manage to find anti-depressant pills, they will cure your depression in one go. They can be found where most other medicine is found and sometimes found on zombies. These will not instantly cure your depression, once you take the pills it will take around two in-game hours to work. However, this will fully cure your depression when they do take effect. If you are having any more trouble with Project Zomboid make sure to check out our other guides.

Project Zomboid is available now on PC.


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