Rainbow Six Extraction — New York Studies guide

The Studies in Rainbow Six Extraction are akin to side objectives. These are minor tasks and tallies that you can complete in a specific region (the map and sub-sector don’t matter). Don’t neglect them, as they’re a great way to earn a lot of XP as you progress, as well as Codex entries and emotes. Here’s our Rainbow Six Extraction New York Studies guide to help you with the tasks in this particular region.

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Rainbow Six Extraction guide – New York Studies

You can review Studies in Rainbow Six Extraction by selecting a region and clicking on the Studies button. This will open a screen that lets you know which ones have already been completed and which ones are active. In most cases, each set will have three tasks and, once you’re done with those, the next set will become available. In any case, here are the New York Studies that can be completed in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Intro to Nests

  • Ping 5x Nests on ceilings (use the “Z” key by default).
  • Kill 7x Nests.
  • Kill 3x dormant (non-alerted) Nests.

Scouting Ahead

  • Ping 3x different supply crates (i.e., healing kits, ammo boxes, and the like).
  • Use 1x command from the chat wheel (“N” key).
  • Make 3x enemies bioluminescent through a wall. Simply aim at enemies behind walls to see their outlines.

Killing Basics

  • Get 5x kills with your primary weapon.
  • Get 5x kills with your secondary weapon.
  • Get 15x kills or assists in a single incursion/mission.

Grunt Management

  • Ping 1x unalerted Grunt.
  • Kill 5x Grunts with headshots.
  • Kill or assist in killing 15x Grunts.

Core Performance

  • Complete 3x mission objectives.
  • Earn a total of 11,000 XP.
  • Safely extract from the second or third sub-zone.

Getting Sneaky

  • Deploy 1x barricades or reinforcements.
  • Stealth kill 3x enemies with takedowns.
  • Kill or assist in killing enemies with a weapon that has a suppressor.

Spiker Studies

  • Kill a Spiker covered in smoke (i.e., throw a Smoke Grenade).
  • Kill 3x Spikers before they shoot (i.e., unalerted/idle).
  • Kill 2x Spikers with headshots.

Killing Basics 2

  • Get 3x kills with firearms while prone.
  • Get 3x kills with a weapon that has a muzzle brake equipped.
  • Get 5x kills when you shoot through destructible surfaces/walls.

Performance Check-In

  • Complete an objective without being in a DBNO state (i.e., down-but-not-out).
  • Complete 3x objectives and extract with a full squad (works also if  you successfully extract while soloing).
  • Extract with at least 50% HP left and 1x objective cleared.

Rainbow Six Extraction New York Studies Guide 2

Rainbow Six Extraction is available via the official website, the Epic Games Store, and Xbox Game Pass.

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