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Robbie Williams is losing his hair and he feels self-conscious about his baldness, as he himself told in an interview with a British newspaper.

At 47 years old, Robbie Williams has begun to assume that he has nothing to do with baldness and that it is a losing battle. As he explained in the interview, has undergone several hair treatments they are not giving the result you would like.

In July of last year, the former Take That singer uploaded a photo to Instagram in which he appeared with his head shaved to zero. Back then the author of songs like Angels, Feel or rock dj surprised with his new look change, which he had achieved with the help of his wife Ayda Field.

The old peeling trick

Robbie Williams does not want to be bald, but the hair transplants are not working for him. Photo AFP

Now a few months later he finally revealed that the purpose of that new look was to start learning how to live with baldness.

In an interview with the British newspaper The Sun, the singer revealed that in recent months he had no choice but to start assuming that he is losing hair faster and faster. In fact, Williams jokingly commented that every time the light hits him from above he feels like his head looks like “a baby’s bottom”.

Nowadays, thanks to hair transplants, solving the insecurities generated by baldness in some people is quite simple. In fact, no one could imagine that someone as successful as the singer cannot afford a hair treatment if he wants to.

However, the point is that, as Williams made clear in the interview with The Sun, in the last consultation with his doctors to undergo a new transplant, they informed him that his hair is so fine at this point that it is no longer good for grafting from there.

Bad Hair, Good Face, Seems To Say Robbie Williams.

Bad hair, good face, seems to say Robbie Williams.

Pay whatever it takes to not be bald

When he received the news, the artist stated that he did not want to accept such a drastic prognosis and that he even shelled out quite a bit for two vials that, injected, could help him get back to the hair density he wanted.

The singer also assured that this treatment it cost him more than his grandmother’s house. However, after seven months of trying, Williams ended up admitting that this technique is not working for him.

The background to all this is that Robbie Williams is beginning to accept that he is getting older and that he is no longer that young man who conquered half the planet with his music. In fact, he admits that it is very difficult for him to watch videos from when he was young and he doesn’t like looking at himself on the screen during his concerts either.

“Now I’m on stage and I have a 40-foot screen behind me, I’m doing my thing, dancing and trying to be sexy, but suddenly I turn around and see behind me a giant man with jowls and no hair“he confessed to the newspaper The Sun.

Throughout his life Robbie Williams has undergone two hair transplants. The first in 2013 when he was still living in Los Angeles and the second in 2020. The problem is that today these grafts have already lost the consistency they should have and from now on the artist will have to start getting used to overcoming complexes by your new image.

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