Robin Day Digital Clock reminds you of upcoming birthdays and has a 170° viewing angle


Never miss a birthday or upcoming event when you have the Robin Day Digital Clock to remind you. Boasting an 8-inch HD color screen, it displays the time, day, and date in a variety of formats. Moreover, the Robin Day Digital Clock lets you set unlimited alarms, reminders, and custom messaging. And you can adjust the volume, length, sounds, and more as you wish. Best of all, at the push of a button, it’ll announce the time. Featuring a 170-degree viewing angle, you can see the display from all positions, which is great for when you’re cooking, in bed, and more. In fact, with customizable dimming, you needn’t endure a bright glare while you’re trying to sleep. Finally, it’s thoughtfully designed with easy-access side buttons, and you can even choose between preloaded or custom themes.


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