Salt and Sacrifice Launches May 10

Since announcing Salt and Sacrifice last year, developer Ska Studios and Devoured Studios have been dropping new details on the action RPG at a regular clip, and while the game can, of course, be played entirely solo if you want to, it’s clear that it’s putting a great deal of emphasis on multiplayer as well, with both co-op and PvP.

Where the latter has concerned, new details have emerged, thanks to a new update on the PlayStation Blog, written by James Silva of Devoured Studios. PvP will feature several improvements that, according to Silva, will make it more “dynamic” than it was in Salt and Sanctuary. Abilities such as sprinting and various sprinting attacks have been added, while players can also use grappling hooks. Meanwhile, there are also Runic Arts, which Silva describes as “powerful situational abilities employed by the Inquisition–from lightning shockwaves and pursuing insect swarms to elemental buffs and storms of spectral blades.”

Meanwhile, new details on the game’s setting and story are also revealed. We know, of course, that Salt and Sacrifice will see players playing as a member of the Inquisition, an ancient and mysterious order that hunts and kills mages- and that’s what your ultimate goal is going to be. It seems, however, that the Inquisition has factions within it fighting against each other as well.

The Shroud Alliance is an overzealous sect that sticks to every letter of the Inquisition’s charters, the profit-seeking Bluehart Runners “pilfer the frontier of its unique magical materials”, while a new trailer of the game, which you can view below, also mentions a faction called Chaos Hunger.

Finally, a release date has also been revealed for the game. Salt and Sacrifice will launch for PS5, PS4, and PC on May 10. On PC, it’ll be available exclusively via the Epic Games Store.

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