Salt and Sacrifice locks in a May release date

Salt and Sacrifice, the sequel to Ska Studios’ gloomy Souls-inspired Metroidvania Salt and Sanctuary, will release on May 10. That’s according to a new trailer released today, which not only confirms a vastly more varied color palette than its predecessor, but also explains how PvP multiplayer will work.

The trailer is supplemented by a write up on the PlayStation blog, where Devoured Studios’ James Silva (Devoured is a subsidiary of Ska) promises that PvP will be entirely optional. If you do want to get involved, there are a bunch of new moves to execute, such as “unique sprint attacks,” a grappling hook, and “dozens” of Runic Arts, which are basically special abilities. Examples of these Runic Arts include lightning shockwaves, or spectral blades, or else a variety of unnamed elemental buffs.

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