Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 update hopes to fix your sleep with nervous penguins


Samsung has today announced a new update for its Galaxy Watch 4 wearable line, with a number of fitness and wellness upgrades arriving simultaneous to the company’s anticipated Unpacked 2022 event (Feb 9), where we also expect to see the launch of the Galaxy S22 lineup.

The update will bring “body composition insights” to Samsung Health, powered by Centr – an app with fitness regimes curated by Chris Hemsworth. Owners of a Galaxy Watch 4 will also get a free 30-day trial for the Centr app itself, although the body composition information is independent of this and won’t expire.

A new interval target feature for runners and cyclists will land in the update too, allowing users to set distance, duration and number of sets ahead of their workout. The real stars of the update, however, are the sleep symbol animals.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 update brings sleep-helping animals

(Image credit: Samsung)

Building on its sleep tracking functionality, the impending update brings with it a new sleep coaching program. After monitoring sleep for a week and completing a pair of surveys, users will be assigned one of the eight sleep symbol animals to represent their sleep type.


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