Sony AI and Polyphony Digital Announcing “Breakthrough Project in AI” Tomorrow


Gran Turismo 7

Polyphony Digital’s long-awaited racing sim Gran Turismo 7 is out next month but it seems that the studio has something else in the works. Sony AI, established in 2020 to “pursue groundbreaking research in AI and robotics in the realm of entertainment”, has announced a “breakthrough project” in AI in collaboration with the developer.

A sneak peek trailer can be seen below with the full announcement coming tomorrow. It seems to involve racing in video games, which explains the part about the subsidiary launching its “Gaming Flagship”. However, more concrete details are required so stay tuned for coverage of the full reveal.

Meanwhile, Gran Turismo 7 launches on March 4th for PS4 and PS5. Several new details were unveiled in a recent State of Play, from the new campaign revolving around Gran Turismo Cafe to the number of cars and tracks. We also learned about new modes like Music Rally, the extent of customization (with “several thousands” of parts available) and much more. Check out our feature here for more details.


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