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There’s something magical about a game that you can complete in just one sitting – an isolated experience that you usually won’t be able to find anywhere else. If you like such a title with a dash of horror to keep you on your toes, then The Enigma Machine invites you in.

Now available on Xbox following a 2018 PC release, The Enigma Machine places you into DREAMSCAPE – a realistic virtual reality controlled by an AI gone rogue. The environments you will be navigating in a first-person perspective will host a number of puzzles, but also harbour that unshaking fear that you are being watched, with a threat ready to jump out at every corner. The DREAMSCAPE is in fact the physical representation of the AI’s mental state, and given that this mental state is in complete pieces, it doesn’t bode well for a happy and peaceful adventure.

Devs Enigma Studio are keen to emphasise that this is an experience that can only be told through the medium of video games, and that is likely down to the inspirations from mid-90’s graphics: expect psychologically thrilling effects such as glitchy and VHS effects to add a further layer of disturbance to proceedings.

And it’s all over in 60-90 minutes! If you find yourself with a spare afternoon or evening, and are a big fan of similar titles such as SOMA and Visage, then why not accept the invite to step into the DREAMSCAPE, and discover a petrifying and eerie journey that you simply cannot find anywhere else?

The Enigma Machine is now available on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One via the Xbox Store for £7.49. The game is also available on PC, via Steam.

Game Description:

Have you ever wondered… what goes on inside the mind of an android? WELL, THE ENIGMA® CORPORATION invites you to step into the DREAMSCAPE. With DREAMSCAPE, we can represent the mind of an AI through an interactive 3D environment that we can explore! Get to know your new AI best friend inside and out via the DREAMSCAPE terminal interface, as they help you through this simulation.


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