Steam Deck on track for the end of February

Good news, following the previous delay and even with the pandemic and global shortages Valve has announced that the Steam Deck is still on track to ship by the end of February.

Writing in a fresh post, Valve said that testing for the Steam Deck Verified program is underway, which we already knew since Portal 2 got recently officially verified. It’s also currently still the only one.

Testing for developers directly is important of course, which is why Valve continues to send out developers kits. Another wave has been approved, with “hundreds” being shipped out in the last month and Valve say more continue to be approved and thanked developers for their patience.

So it’s all good news and hopefully soon actual consumers will have their hands on their first real devices.

Valve also included this shot showing a bunch of them in the KDE Plasma desktop mode:

If you missed it, we recently took a look at how the Steam Top 100 will play on Linux (and so the Steam Deck with SteamOS 3). Valve and developers still have plenty of work ahead to get the device into a sweet spot. It’s not just compatibility with native Linux or Windows builds in Proton, it’s also dealing with the screen size for text clarity and gamepad support, both of which we hope to see more developers fix up.

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