T1 Emerges on Top of BOOM Esports in its Biggest Test Yet

In the most heated matchup of Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Southeast Asia (SEA) 2021-22 Tour 1: Division 1, it was T1 who put on a clinic to take down BOOM Esports 2-0. The first game had been just as predicted – a back and forth match where both teams showcased their exemplary gameplay to outdo the other. T1 won the game after nearly 60 minutes with its intelligent itemization. During the second game, BOOM Esports was outpaced by T1’s agile moves on a fast paced draft. This was BOOM Esports’ first loss in its last 21 series.

T1 vs BOOM Esports: Match Recap and Highlights


Game 1 had incredibly intense moments. BOOM Esports last picked Phantom Lancer for Tino, for which T1 had few answers. T1 had also gone for a greedy tri core of a mid Storm Spirit, a carry Terrorblade, and an offlane Wraith King. Despite the team’s success in the laning phase, BOOM Esports struck back with the teamfight advantage its lineup offered. The game moved rather slowly, allowing T1 to pick up a plethora of items to counter Tino’s Phantom Lancer. A critical error made by BOOM Esports while penetrating T1’s high ground coupled with the fact that T1 could now kill Tino’s Phantom Lancer turned the game around. BOOM Esports conceded a defeat in 57 minutes, after desperately attempting to hold onto its base.

In game 2, T1 picked Batrider as its last pick, which ended up being the hero it needed to round out its lineup. T1 won each of the three lanes it engaged in with favorable matchups. It was particularly 23savage who was dominating the safelane Kunkka and leading the networth chart by a huge margin. BOOM Esports kept getting picked off one after another and ended up losing in 46 minutes.


Here are some highlights of the series.

In the ongoing DPC SEA, T1 had a hiccup against OB.Neon, but aside from that it has largely performed well. In today’s showdown, T1 competed against BOOM Esports, the best team in the league thus far, and won the series with exemplary gameplay to end all arguments over who SEA’s best is.

BOOM Esports has finally fallen after being undefeated for five series in a row. It is not often that you see Erin Jasper “Yopaj” Ferrer not causing mayhem in the games, but today was one of those rare occasions when the midlaner was held to a minimum.

BOOM Esports and T1 both have five wins and one loss after six series. With no Major to play for, it is mostly a matter of pride and DPC points between the two teams at this point.

T1’s final series in the league will come against Fnatic on 19th Jan and BOOM Esports plays Execration on the same day.

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