This Cyberpunk 2077 mod turns it into a survival game


Live in Night City is a new Cyberpunk 2077 mod from FonWasH that adds a whole bunch of survival mechanics to CDPR’s neon-drenched RPG. One of the slight oddities of Night City, although I suppose you could say this about tonnes of games, is there’s food and drink all over the place, but it doesn’t really do much: But now you choombas will find those microchipped stomachs grumbling.

The mod allows you to manage your character’s hunger, thirst and fatigue, with appropriate penalties if you’re not paying attention. The vanilla state of the mod won’t kill you outright for completely neglecting these features, but basically make V a bit useless. Fairly obviously, you eat and drink to regenerate V’s thirst and hunger, while fatigue is relieved by having a nap in his apartment (or on the sofa). 


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