This is Dyslexia: The definitive guide to the untapped power of dyslexic thinking and its vital role in our future, reviewed


We look at this visual and punchy book about Dyslexia, with many digital resources and interesting quotes from famous people who have been diagnosed with it. You can buy the book here.

This is Dyslexia: The definitive guide to the untapped power of dyslexic thinking and its vital role in our future, reviewed

This book aims to be more than just a written aid to learning more about dyslexia, with QR codes to talks and references to other resources created by the author. One of the main challenges with dyslexia is to understand that different people learn in different ways, at different speeds, and therefore the one size fits all approach is unproductive and unhelpful.

What is #DyslexicThinking, and why is it so important everyone understands it right now?

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It can be a massive challenge for those suffering with it, and this book is peppered with positive examples of well known people who have overcome these challenges to still be creative and often massively successful too. Griggs aims to show how it can offer powerful insights and valuable approaches to getting things done, often in innovative and effective, yet potentially non-conventional ways.

As with our recent review of Mary Barbera’s book on Autism, so too with dyslexia the more that we are aware of it, the more we can support and help those who need to learn and engage in ways that best work for those who have it. This is a quick read too, and it is clear that to get the most out of it, it makes sense to watch the visual aids, which is in itself an illustration of the need to approach problems from more than one perspective oftentimes.

A useful book, and a good addition to the literature out there around learning difficulties, and pragmatic and effective ways to tackle them.

More about the book

Imprint: Vermilion, Published: 07/10/2021, ISBN: 9781529149265, Length: 240  Pages

The future needs Dyslexic Thinking!

British social entrepreneur, founder and CEO of charity Made By Dyslexia, Kate Griggs has been shifting the narrative on dyslexia and educating people on its strengths since 2004. Having been surrounded by an extraordinary ‘smorgasbord of Dyslexic Thinking’ her whole life, Griggs knows the superpower of dyslexia all too well.


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With a forward from Sir Richard Branson, This is Dyslexia covers everything you need to understand, value and support Dyslexic Thinking. From offering practical advice on how to support the dyslexics in your life to breaking down the 6 Dyslexic Thinking skills in adults, Griggs shares her knowledge in an easily digestible guide.

This is Dyslexia redefines and reshapes what it means to be dyslexic. It explores how it has shaped our past and how harnessing its powers and strengths is vital to our future.

More about Kate Griggs

Kate Griggs is an award winning British social entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Made By Dyslexia, a charity lead by famous and successful dyslexics. Launched in May 2017 this global charity aims to help the world properly understand, value and support dyslexia by developing campaigns and tools which explain Dyslexic Thinking. She is a leading voice in Global Dyslexia advocacy having spoken on television, radio and TEDx.

In 2005 Griggs founded dyslexia charity Xtraordinary People which united the UK dyslexia charities. This charities leading high-profile campaign culminated in the UK government’s Dyslexia Review. Griggs was given an award by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown in recognition of her campaigning work. In January 2020 Griggs published her first children’s book Xtraordinary People.

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