Torchlight Infinite’s mobile beta starts this week

Are you ready to give the Torchlight series another shot? While the underwhelming rollout of Torchlight III may have soured people on this franchise, we have to admit that it’s not the worst idea ever to bring this colorful ARPG series to mobile devices, although we might have hoped it was multiplayer, and this one is not. We’ll certainly find out whether or not it’s a worthwhile product as the game kicks off its six-week beta test this week.

The beta, which starts on January 18th, is only initially available via the Tap Tap app. The good news is that it can be accessed by both Android and iOS devices in US, Australia, New Zealand, and Australia.

While the full game won’t be available, a good chunk of it will be. Players can check out four classes, a level cap of 99, and three chapters of the main questline.

If you do check it out, sound off in the comments and let us know what you think!


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