Total War: Medieval II, the classic strategy game, is heading for iOS and Android this Spring


Fans of classic strategy games can rejoice. Today, Sega, Feral Interactive, and Creative Assembly have announced that Total War: Medieval II will release for iOS and Android this Spring. Feral Interactive will handle the port, which is great news since the company has established itself as one of the best at creating mobile versions of PC and console games. It most recently released a port of the survival horror title Alien: Isolation.

Total War: Medieval II will feature a bespoke touch control setup that promises to be an improved iteration of the system found in Rome. The changes promise to make controlling different units and issuing commands to them a more streamlined process.


If you’re unfamiliar with Total War: Medieval II, it is a strategy game that blends real-time battles and turn-based tactics. It builds on the features found in Rome and offers improved settlement management and campaign mechanics, allowing players to deploy more strategies than before.

As the name implies, it is set during the Middle Ages and takes place across three continents. Players will battle for global supremacy, using whatever means they prefer to achieve it. They can use diplomacy, conquest, or instil fear in the populace to rule over them. Either way, they will need to secure resources and loyalty to successfully conquer the world.

Total War: Medieval II will release on the App Store and Google Play sometime this Spring. There is no specific release date beyond that, nor do we know how much it will cost. But as always, stay tuned to Pocket Gamer, and we will update you as and when we learn more.

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