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Roblox Wacky Wizards updates every other week, and when that release happens we tend to get some new ingredients to use and some potions to brew. We will be covering all aspects of this new patch in this post, and will feature all of the details you will need to know to collect the new stuff and get creating some of those great new potions!

You can find all of the potions that exists in the game with our Wacky Wizards Potions List post!

Wacky Wizards Train Heist Update

The Train Heist update was released on February 9th, 2022 for Wacky Wizards. This release allows you to jump on the train and attempt to make your way across it without dying to get the Tumbleweed ingredient. The train arrives on the tracks in the desert every 90 seconds, and you just need to interact with the back of it to start the obby.

There’s a new premium ingredient known-as the Hacker. It can be purchased for 2,000 Gems in the shop.

Wacky Wizards Hacker Ingredient Image

There’s not much to the train obby, you just need to carefully jump across the gaps and make your way to the end. Make sure to dodge the projectile coming at you when you’re on the train cars. Once you reach the end you will get to put dynamite on the door and blow it up. Once you get through that door, you will find the Tumbleweed ingredient.

Wacky Wizards Hop On Train Image

Here’s a look at the new potions that were added in the update:

  • 407: Tumble-weed potion – Tumble Weed
  • 408: Moo-head potion – Egyptian Head + Tumble Weed
  • 409: Cow-bee potion – Honey + Tumble Weed
  • 410: Cowboy-boots potion – Giraffe Hoof + Tumble Weed
  • 411: Cowboy-hat potion – Brain + Tumble Weed
  • 412: Cowboy-sheriff potion – Pirate Hat + Tumble Weed
  • 413: ???
  • 414: Horse-poo potion – Rotten Sandwich + Tumble Weed
  • 415: Pickaxe potion – Pool Noodle + Tumble Weed
  • 416: Powderkeg-bomb potion – Dynamite + Tumble Weed
  • 417: Prariedog-morph potion – Carrot + Tumble Weed
  • 418: Cowboy-revolver potion – Gun + Tumble Weed
  • 419: Robber-mask potion – Frog + Tumble Weed
  • 420: Wild-west-star potion – Fairy + Tumble Weed
  • P181: ???
  • P182: ???
  • P183: ???
  • P184: ???
  • P185: ???
  • P186: ???
  • P187: ???
  • P188: ???
  • P189: ???
  • P190: ???
  • P191: ???
  • P192: ???
  • P193: ???
  • P194: ???

Last Update

The previous patch brought us the Pirates update, which had you diving in the lake to search a sunken ship and then follow clues to obtain the Pirate Hat treasure. The release also added some new brews, which you can find below.

Here’s a look at the potions that were added:

  • 392: Davey-jones potionPirate Hat (Become Davy Jones)
  • 393: Parrot-friend potionBird + Pirate Hat (Get a parrot friend!)
  • 394: Captain-morph potionFish + Pirate Hat (Become a captain!)
  • 395: Doubloon-morph potionYou + Pirate Hat (Become a doubloon!)
  • 396: Eye-patch potionCarrot + Pirate Hat (Get an eyepatch!)
  • 397: Pierre-pan potion – Fairy + Pirate Hat (Become pierre pan!)
  • 398: Pirate-bee potionHoney + Pirate Hat (Aaaaarg bzzz bzzz!)
  • 399: Captain-hat potion – Brain + Pirate Hat (Get a captain’s hat)
  • 400: Pet-leg potion – Giraffe Hoof + Pirate Hat (Get a peg leg!)
  • 401: Pirate-pistol potionGun + Pirate Hat (Get a pirate pistol!)
  • 402: Squid-friend potionFrog + Pirate Hat (Get a squid friend!)
  • 403: Pirate-sword potion – Pool Noodle + Pirate Hat (Get a swashbuckling sword!)
  • 404: Pirate-skeleton potionUndead + Pirate Hat (Become a spooky pirate!)
  • 405: Treasure-bomb potionDynamite + Pirate Hat (Get a treasure bomb!)
  • 406: Treasure-poop potion – Rotten Sandwich + Pirate Hat (Poop treasure!)

That’s all of the information on this new update that was released for Wacky Wizards! We will be covering all aspects of these new additions to the game in the Wacky Wizards section of our website.

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