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It’s come to the attention of several Warzone players that an unorthodox solution has been employed by the team at Ricochet Anti-Cheat to deal with the rampant issues of cheating facing the first-person battle royale these days.

This problem of having to deal with cheaters is certainly not something solely isolated to Call of duty Warzone but also a matter of great concern for developers across different genres in regards to games with a competitive multiplayer component. Making sure that players aren’t killed unfairly by cheaters ensures the enjoyment and consistency of player experience across matchmade games in Warzone, and it makes sense for Activision and the team at Ricochet to address the issue as best as they can so that an active player base can be maintained, which will keep the free-to-play title alive for years to come.

And it looks like they are doing just that. In a recent video clip uploaded on Twitter, a content creator has seemingly encountered a cheater during one of his matchmade games. Where he was being shot repeatedly from a far distance with pinpoint precision. But despite such conditions, the content creator prevailed over the cheater, as a result of the flying bullets from afar not doing any damage.

This countermeasure towards hackers appears to take effect upon detecting “inhuman super accuracy”, said by an alleged hacker in a leaked screenshot of internal conversations taking place on Discord. The system essentially flags users with high accuracy and turns down their bullet damage significantly when it has verified their shooting skills to be disingenuous. And upon being flagged, the user’s account that has executed such cheats will continue to be penalized with such limitations for an indefinite amount of time.

During the initial phases of such hacking rampancy, ongoing dissatisfaction with the state of the game was mounting as expressed by the community and streamers alike. Where the sentiment was that the Ricochet Anti-Cheat in place for Warzone is only just a public gesture that didn’t amount to anything meaningful that would tackle the ongoing hacks and hackers ruining the experiences of many.

By comparison, the forty-eight thousand hackers being caught and banned across multiple platforms, in accompaniment with the measures just mentioned would seemingly run contrary to the perception that was originally held by players that have become disillusioned with the state of affairs surrounding Warzone and the inability of developers to take effective action. Whether or not this perception can truly be overturned, however, depends on the long-term results of such countermeasures being put in place by Ricochet. And whether or not they are capable of withstanding the test of time and hackers determined to game the system.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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