[Watch] S1mple Casually Takes an Ace While Showing His Favorite Knife Skin

The GOAT of Counter-Strike, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, certainly knows how to entertain his viewers while streaming on Twitch. Even when playing normal CS:GO matchmaking he manages to constantly keep the audience entertained, mostly on the back of his insane plays which he keeps dishing out at a consistent rate.

In one his recent streams, s1mple while talking about his favorite knife skin in CS:GO casually ended up taking an effortless ace, predicting the position of his opponents and landing some crisp headshots. The best part is that s1mple’s body language and reactions remain unchanged despite the mind-blowing play. The power of the talon knife is surely incredible!

S1mple shows the power of his favorite CS:GO knife

While streaming on Twitch, s1mple showed the true power of the Talon knife which is his favorite cosmetic for the melee weapon. After the round started, he took out his knife and triggered the special animation in which the character in-game starts to spin the knife around his finger.

Playing CT-sided on Ancient, s1mple charged towards the ‘B-Site’ and with the knife spinning on his fingers predicted his opponent’s position, resulting in a double kill with his FAMAS while he was reduced to 19 points of health in the exchange.

S1mple picked up the AK-47 and then charged towards the ‘A-Site’, once again triggering the special inspect animation for his talon knife, spinning it on his fingers. He proceeded to take three more kills through some precise shots and completed his ace without taking any more damage.

The part that stood out the most was that s1mple’s body language did not change at all despite securing an ace. He was not at all excited about the play he had just made but his Twitch chat went crazy.

Well, who can hold it against the guy who took consecutive no-scope kills at the semi-finals of a CS:GO Major, immortalizing him within the game on Cache.

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