We Were Here Forever: Underwater Tunnels Puzzle


The underwater tunnels puzzle is the first puzzle of the chapter: Nautilus, you will get to the Nautilus by going right from the signboard after the Chapel. There’ll be a cart there which both of the players have to take and the cart will take the players into a cave.

In this guide, we tell you how to solve the Underwater Tunnels Puzzle.

How to Solve Underwater Tunnels Puzzle

To start the puzzle, one person needs to wear a diver’s helmet that can be found on the wooden path after the cart ride. Wear the helmet and go ahead and there’ll be a room on the right where a diver can go down into the water. Step inside the room and the other player will pull the lever and the diver will gradually go down into the water.

Once you wear the helmet, you’ll see a meter on the bottom right that is the oxygen meter and if the oxygen meter runs out, the diver will drown and both players have to start the whole puzzle from the start.

How to Solve Underwater Tunnels Puzzle

The thing that you need to do In this puzzle is to open the path for the other player, As a diver, you want to go down in the water and there’ll be red valves that you need to turn and the doors will open for the other player. The other player also has to open the oxygen tubes that you can use to refill your oxygen tank. Oxygen can be refilled from the pipes on the walls, you can interact with them and regain the oxygen.

How to Solve Underwater Tunnels Puzzle

After opening the first valve, you’ll see an arrow pointing in the direction, you need to follow the arrows to find the exit but you also need to open the valves and not all the valves are in the way of the arrows so make sure to check other paths too. But we will tell you what path to take and when to follow the arrows.

How to Solve Underwater Tunnels Puzzle

After opening the door with red lines, there’ll be an arrow ahead pointing in the left direction, you need to go right first because there’ll be a red valve there that you need to open. After opening the valve, go back and follow the arrow, there’ll be oxygen pipes on the way make sure to call your partner and tell him to open the oxygen pipes so you can refill your oxygen. But you will have to explain which oxygen pipe he has to open so be very accurate in communication and remember the path. There’ll always be a statue near the pipes so explain the statue to your partner so, he can open the correct pipe for you.

How to Solve Underwater Tunnels Puzzle

Continue following the arrow and then there’ll be an arrow again pointing left, ignore it for now and turn right to open the valve then go back and follow the arrow. After going through the next door, there’ll be an arrow pointing down, jump down to the new area but make sure to refill your oxygen before falling down.

In here the other player needs to open the door for you and after the door is open, follow the path and there’ll come another door that the other player needs to open. Cross the door and go ahead then turn left. Now there’ll be the last door that the other player needs to open so after he opens the door, the water will start to drain and you won’t be needing your helmet again so leave your helmet there and you can go inside the glass sphere. The other player will get to a new area and will be waiting for you when you get out of the water.


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