What Did Marc Overmars Say Twitter? Text Messages Scandal Made Ajax Football Director To Leave – Details

After Ajax FC revealed that he had sent improper communications to female coworkers, Marc Overmars expressed his regret. He said that he “is ashamed” of his actions. 

Marc received the statement from the club a few days ago, and following that, he apologized to the club, the fans, and his coworkers.



He went on to say that he quickly realized such behavior was inappropriate for someone in his position.

Marc’s decisions will have an impact on both his professional and personal lives. As a result, he requested that everyone respect him and his family’s privacy in this situation.

Marc Overmars Text Messages – What You Need To Know

Rumors about text messages sent by Marc Overmars that were leaked on Twitter and Reddit have been circulating on the internet.

However, there are no legitimate text screenshots available on the internet. As a result, all of these rumors appear to be false.

Marc was allegedly sending sexual SMS messages to female coworkers, according to unsubstantiated allegations. The club’s statement, on the other hand, made no mention of it.



Edwin Van der Sar, the current CEO of Ajax and a former goalkeeper, also spoke about the case. He also admitted that he feels guilty for neglecting to assist his coworkers.

He went on to say that shortly, he will pay even more attention to this, which has now come to a screeching halt. He later stated that the group is currently working on something incredibly exciting.

Marc Overmars Fired or Resigned: How Did He Leave?

Marc Overmars left his job after resigning from his position at the club. So any news about him being fired is false!

According to Overmars, acting in this case right now would be too late!

He claimed he had no choice but to depart the club where he had previously played and served as a director.



Marc had recently extended his contract to be at the club until the end of the 2025/2026 season.  But, regrettably, he has crossed the line, and he recognized himself, so remaining at the club was no longer an option.