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Completing your PokeDex is one of the main goals for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. While this is the idea of most Pokemon games, Arceus really focuses on it. The exploration of the various areas of the map are some of the most fun and interesting aspects of the game. While most Pokemon are straightforward to catch, some can be a bit harder to find and will elude capture. If you are looking for Cleffa to add to your collection, we’ll show you where you can find it in this guide!

Finding Cleffa

To locate Cleffa in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you will need to go to the Fabled Spring at Coronet Highlands at night. Cleffa shares a spawn with Clefairy, which is far more common in the area.

Cleffa is one of the few Pokemon that require a specific time of day to spawn. When you’re at a camp location, go to your tent and select the rest until nightfall option. You will know it’s nighttime when you open up your map and see the crescent moon icon at the top right.

The map below shows the area of where Cleffa spawns. The red marker arrow shows the exact location where I found and caught one for myself. I know they also spawn across the river where you will find the Alpha Clefable.

Pokemon Arceus Cleffa Spawn Location Map Image

If you search the area listed on the map and don’t see a Cleffa, you should head to a camp and travel to Jubilife Village. Once you arrive at the village, immediately journey back to the closest travel location and search the region for Cleffa. Keep repeating this process until one spawns!

You are going to find a lot of Clefairy around in this area, so keep an eye out for the smaller pink Pokemon with the bigger brown ears.

The area on the left of Fabled Spring is lacking a lot of good grass cover. You might want to throw a Smoke Bomb down so you can get closer without being detected. The flowerbeds do not provide additional cover, so don’t use them to stay hidden.

Pokemon Arceus Cleffa Example In Game Image

Cleffa are very cautious, so make sure you sneak up on it when you try to catch it. Battling is not the best option unless you attack it unaware. Entice the Pokemon with some kind of berry, sneak behind it, and throw an Ultra Ball to add it to your collection. Feeding it will help complete one of the objectives in your Research Tasks for Cleffa, so it’s worth throwing it some food!

Once you’ve caught a Cleffa, you can try waiting for the location to replace the Pokemon with a new spawn. It’s possible you get another Cleffa, but it seems just as likely you will get something else. It’s generally just better to repeat going back to the village to change the Pokemon in the region.

You should now have enough information to locate yourself a Cleffa! You will find a variety of other great content on the game in the Pokemon Arceus section of our website.


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