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A brand new season of Apex Legends drops today, and as with every season this comes with a collection of changes to the game to mix things up. To change up the loot pool, some weapons have been rotated in and out of the ever sought-after care package. If you’re curious about what weapons were vaulted this season, look no further.

Care Package Weapons In Apex Legends Season 12

Some of the most powerful weapons in the game are exclusive to the care package. This makes seeking out the drop incredibly valuable, as these weapons in the right hands can completely turn a game. As of season 12, here is the list of all vaulted weapons exclusive to the Care Package:

  • Volt SMG
  • Spitfire LMG
  • G7 Scout
  • Kraber

As with previous seasons, The Spitfire and G7 Scout will continue to be care package exclusive weapons. The Kraber remaining in the care package is no surprise, as this weapon has been vaulted since the start of the game and very likely will remain that way for the rest of the game’s life. New to this season’s care package rotation Is the Volt SMG, which took the place of the Alternator.

The Volt SMG Replaces the Alternator in Care Packages

The Alternator was vaulted in Season 11 with built-in disruptor rounds to bump up its damage. As of season 12, the Alternator will be returning to floor loot, returning its niche as an early game pick. With the Alternator leaving the care package, the Volt SMG will be taking its place.

Apex Legends Care Package Image

When a weapon is moved to the care package, it’s stats are buffed to make up for the increased rarity. With it’s inclusion to the care package loot pool, the Volt is getting similarly buffed. It now has two extra damage per shot, making it a truly frightening weapon to face up against.

In addition to the care package changes, the Flatline and Longbow will now also be crafting exclusive weapons. Anyone who wants to get their hands on the popular Flatline this season will have to craft it in a replicator, with the same going for the Longbow. This is an interesting change, as Apex Legends has not yet featured crafting exclusive weapons yet.

That’s everything you need to know about the care package changes in Apex Legends season 12! Check out our other Apex Legends Guides to help you reach Predator in the brand new season.


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