Who Is The Boyfriend Of Claudia Martín, Ex-wife Of Andrés Tovar? –


Claudia Martin anuncia romance con el actor Hugo Catalán

Hugo Catalán and Claudia Martín confirmed their love courtship with a photo.

MEXICO.- Claudia Martin, who was involved in the scandal a year after it was announced her divorce with Andrés Tovar, current sentimental partner of Maite perroni, has put behind all the controversies that led to their breakup.

Now the actress has given love a chance and with a publication on social networks announced that she has started a romantic relationship with the actor Hugo Catalan, who also confirmed his Courtship with Claudia through a Photography.

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Claudia Martín and Hugo Catalán confirm their relationship

It was last Friday, January 14th, that the Actors announced their romance through the publication of a photography on their respective Instagram accounts.

The picture they used to take theirs engagement It immediately caught the eye despite being black and white. Also in the snapshot Claudia Martin is shown how to whisper something in the ear Hugo Catalan this reinforces the idea of ​​being together.

Claudia Martin This photo is accompanied by the message: “With you”. answered Hugo in the same publication “Everything!”. For his part, the actor dedicated a few romantic words to Claudia in his profile: “One day I met the gaze of an angel!” On this dedication, the actress commented: “Everything with you”.

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Where did Claudia Martín and Hugo Catalán meet?

The actors would have gone from a working relationship to a sentimental one thereafter Recordings of the remake of ‘The rich also cry’, melodrama that Claudia Martin plays the leading role and Sebastian Rulli. But Hugo Catalán has also been part of the cast since then played the protagonist’s boyfriend in his teenage years.

Who Is The Boyfriend Of Claudia Martín, Ex-Wife Of Andrés Tovar? - Light Home News

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Who is Hugo Catalán, Claudia Martín’s new boyfriend?

Hugo Emilio Catalan Beltran He is an actor who graduated from TV Azteca Actoral Training Center (CEFAT).

The actor was in Mexico City began on March 22, 1982 on TV, played in productions such as “Al norte del corazón”, “Tanto amor”, “Destino”, “Huérfanas”, “Pobre diabla”.

Hugo Catalan He has also built his acting career with holdings in the cinema. Some of the movies he has been involved in are: Heart of Melon, Chaotic Ana, Clandestinos, Cuatro Lunas and Fire Inside just to name a few.

the Claudia Martin’s new boyfriend also dared seriesthat have kept it current to this day are some that Hugo starred in “Luis Miguel: The series“, “Mrs. Steel”, “Her name was Dolores… The Jenn I knew” and “The key game‘, a series he was also in Maite perroni, current partner of Claudia’s ex-husband.

It should be noted that in June 2021 Andrés Tovar confirmed the separation from Claudia Martin. after two years of marriage. Claudia and Andrew They were officially divorced in August 2021, but before that, Maite Perroni was identified as the culprit in the breakdown of the marriage of the actress and the producer of Imagen Tv.

Although Tovar has repeatedly denied that Maite influenced his split from Claudia in October last year, Andrés and Maite Perroni confirmed their romance, but they clarified that the love arose when both had ended their respective relationships and not as rumored.

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